4B 3.9 Turbocharged

EPS - Case Cummins 4B 3.9 Liter Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Cummins Engine Model - 4B 3.9 Turbocharged

Used in Case 580E, 580SE, 580K, 580SK, 570L, 570LXT, 580L, 590 Turbo Tractor Loader Backhoes. 450C, 550E, 550G Crawler Bulldozer. 860 Trencher

Piston Marked 7163, 8815, 8816
Part Number
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CA4B390 TIF In Frame Overhaul Kit  
CA4B390 TM Out of Frame Overhaul Kit  
J904166 Repair Sleeve Must be finished upon instalation
J929039 Cam & Lifter Kit  
J907431 Cam Gear  
J901306 Cam Bearing 2.25" OD
J980213 Piston & Ring Kit - std, 20, 40
A77 727   Piston Ring Set - std, 20, 40  
A77465 Rod Bearing - std,10, 20, 30 4 Required
A77405 Main Bearing Set - std, 10, 20, 30
J804896 Head Gasket Set
J802375 Block Gasket Set  ■ Includes crankshaft seals
J911535 Pan Gasket Set
J930336 Engine Oil Pump  
J921557 Engine Oil Cooler 5 Plate
A77703 Water Pump  
A77736 Thermostat & Gasket 180 degree
J908031 Crankshaft  
J901258 Crankshaft Gear  
J901566 Connecting Rod  
J904353 Crankshaft Seal, front
J906080 Wear Sleeve Kit, front  
J904323 Crankshaft Seal, rear
J906081 Wear Sleeve Kit, rear  
J929736 Head New with Valves, 7mm injectors. Replaces head with 9mm injectors New - no exchange necessary
J919331 Fuel Injector - New New - no exchange necessary
CUM4B-HBK Head Bolt Kit  
▲= Included in In Frame Kit   ■ = included in Out of Frame Kit
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